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EP 22 – Rob Coleman – Red Flags & How to Find a Digital Marketing Agency That’ll Work For You

Rob Coleman is the Director of Business Development at Hennessy Digital. On This Episode We Discuss.. The Main Red Flags of Modern Digital Marketing Agencies The Habits of Ethical Marketing Agencies The Tactics Effective Agencies Are Using Today

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EP 21 – Ryan Klein & Chase Williams – When It’s Time for a Website Update and the Best Way to Do It

On this weeks episode Ryan and Chase sit down to discuss… Update Your Website so it Doesn’t Affect Your SEO Establishing Website Costs and Timelines Overview of Your Website Update Options and Sources

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EP 20 – Robert Cooper – Creating a Website Client Experience as Good As The One at Your Firm

Robert Cooper is the founder of PlusROI Growth Labs. PlusROI uses the most cutting edge practices of Growth Hacking to minimize risk while finding the best ways to grow your business. On this episode we discuss… Giving Your Website Call-To-Action’s More Consideration Setting the Tone and Expectations for Your Website Visitors

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EP 19 – Sarah Tetlow – Empowering Yourself To Become More Focused and Effective

Sarah is the founder and CEO of Firm Focus. Sarah helps law firms and legal departments of all sizes increase their productivity, reach their mission critical objectives, develop a strong workplace culture, and develop a plan for continuous growth and focus. On today’s episode we discuss… What “Meta Decisions” are and how to set timers...

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EP 18 – Luke Ciciliano – As the Amount of Lawyers Increases, Are the Number of Law Firms Decreasing? & More on M&A

Luke Ciciliano is the owner of SEO for Lawyers. On this weeks episode we discuss… -Consolidation of law firms an opportunity or fear for lawyers -How lawyers can anticipate a shrinking need for legal services -Understanding the value of a law firm when considering acquisition or merging

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EP 17 – Gina Rubel – Strategic PR Isn’t Just Press Releases – Reputation Management, Social Media and More

Today, on the Legal Mastermind Podcast, we interview Gina Rubel, the CEO of Furia Rubel Communications. Gina Rubel is a public relations, crisis communications and trial publicity expert, former trial lawyer and the author of Everyday Public Relations for Lawyers. Gina educates attorneys nationwide on how to implement communications planning and tactics to manage their...

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EP 16 – Mike Jones – Elevate Your Law Firm Through Creating an Amazing Brand Story

Mike Jones is the CEO of Resound. Mike is professional brand junkie who excels at strategic thinking and execution to help clients’ brands become remarkable. In this podcast we discuss… Creating 3-Second, 7-Second, and 30-Second Versions of Your Brand Story Creating a “Hero” and “Guide” Story From Your Firm Tweaking Your Messaging For Different Decision...

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EP 15 – Johnathan Sparks – 0 to 7 Figures in 5 Years – How To Bootstrap & Grow a New Firm

Jonathan Sparks is the Founder of Sparks Law. He took his firm from 0 to 7 figures in 5 years. He works as an in-house counsel for small to medium sized businesses. Before forming Sparks Law, Jonathan worked at the United States Department of Justice, the United States Senate Office, the Attorney General’s office for...

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EP 14 – Robert Weiss – Video Strategy 101 – How To Get Started

Robert Weiss – Chief Video Content Marketing Strategist at Multi Vision Digital has over 14 + years of experience in Internet marketing, SaaS based marketing and sales processes tactics. In this episode we discuss… How to create specific video content based off of your firm’s objectives How to get started with an ongoing video marketing...

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EP 13 – Julie Henson – What Lawyers Can Learn from the Leadership of Professional Athletes

Julie Henson – Director of Client Development & Marketing at Briggs and Morgan has spent the past two decades coaching high performing individuals by utilizing formal and informal influence to drive business development strategies. She has coached hundreds of individuals within the legal and professional sports industries.  In this weeks episode we discuss the 8...

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