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Legal Mastermind Podcast is a weekly show with more than 250 episodes that focuses on the best growth and management tactics for your law firm. Eric Bersano, Ryan Klein & Chase Williams from Market My Market, speak with industry experts that share their tips and secrets that lead to their success. The Legal Mastermind Podcast can be streamed on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Podcasts.

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Ryan Klein Market My Market

Ryan Klein

Show Host

Ryan Klein has spent the past decade creating comprehensive content marketing campaigns and advanced SEO plans for companies in competitive industries.   Obtaining a Bachelor of Finance from the University of Central Florida and a Master’s in Computer Science from The University of Illinois, his formal education has prepared him for contributions to content marketing from a very analytical standpoint with the employment of advanced technologies.  Ryan went on to start a career in digital marketing by working for one of the largest digital marketing agencies in central Florida and advanced into Director positions for several large firms with a content-heavy approach to marketing afterwards.

Through freelancing, consulting, in-house leadership and now as the owner of Digital Marketing agency Market My Market, Ryan has been able to see every side of trending content marketing channels from both a paid and organic standpoint.  Ryan has analyzed the analytics of thousands of websites and audited the conversion and user experience of thousands of websites as well.   As a long time contributor to many SEO and content marketing mediums, Ryan brings his expertise and passion to other experts in mediums such as videos, mastermind groups, speaking engagements, and podcasts.

Chase Williams

Show Host

Chase Williams is Founder and Managing Partner of Market My Market (www.marketmymarket.com) one of the top tier legal marketing agencies in the United States.  He’s helped hundreds of lawyers and businesses develop and scale digital marketing initiatives. He is a frequent lecturer at majority Universities and conferences. His advice has been featured in Forbes, American Express, Inc, Business.com and more.

Chase Williams Market My Market

Eric Bersano

Show Host
Eric Bersano has worked in legal marketing since 2006. His experience includes SEO, PPC, and Television advertising. He also works with law firms on intake, conversion and other processes to ensure they are getting the most out of their marketing budgets.

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