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EP 260 – Jean Oursler – Unleashing Your Inner Salesperson for Business Development

Dr. Jean Oursler is The Results Queen. Dr. Jean works with financial advisors, financial planners, lawyers, accountants, entrepreneurs, and business owners to increase their new business development by 25% with just five hours a week.  Working with a Harvard Neuroscientist, she developed the Caveman Brain Domination System to increase your new business development results. It is...

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EP 259 – Ryan Saba – The Art of Trial Law: Winning Strategies and Stories

Ryan Saba is a Partner and Trial Lawyer at Rosen Saba, LLP. As a civil trial and litigation attorney, Ryan’s practice consists of prosecuting and defending individual, class action and mass action claims. He has considerable experience in a wide range of federal and state civil litigation and trial matters, including consumer litigation, employment litigation,...

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EP 258 – Mark O’Mara – The Intersection of Law, Media, and Public Opinion

Mark O’Mara is the Owner of the O’Mara Law Group. Mark has been a fixture in the Central Florida legal community since 1982. While he started his career as a prosecutor for the State Attorney’s office in Seminole County, he crossed to the other side of the courtroom and has served as a defense attorney ever...

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EP 257 – Allison Johs – LinkedIn for Lawyers: Unlocking Success

Allison Johs is the President of Legal Ease Consulting, Inc. Allison provides business development, marketing, social media, and practice management coaching and consulting services to lawyers to improve their productivity, increase profits and enhance their business.  The goal of Legal Ease Consulting is to make the practice of law more enjoyable for their clients, while helping...

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EP 256 – Jim Sullivan – Demystifying AI in eDiscovery

Jim Sullivan is the Founder of eDiscovery AI and author of the new book The Book on AI Doc Review: A Simple Guide to Understanding the Use of AI in eDiscovery. With over a decade of experience consulting on predictive coding and analytics use, Jim has a passion for analytics and calculates recall and precision...

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EP 255 – Luis Scott – Creating a Branding Playbook

Luis Scott is the Owner of 8 Figure Firm™️ Consulting. Luis revolutionized the legal profession by empowering fellow legal professionals to optimize and expand their practices, achieving unprecedented success in yearly predictable revenue and beyond. With over 20 years of experience in the legal industry, including as the managing partner of a successful law firm, he has...

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EP 254 – Shireen Hilal – Communication Leads to Transformation

Shireen Hilal is the CEO of Maior Strategic Consulting. Shireen founded Maior Strategic Consulting on the premise that “good enough” hasn’t ever been good enough for her, and her holistic approach to consulting comes from practicing law for 10 years at AmLaw100 firms, serving as the inaugural COO of a national firm, building the growth division of a consulting...

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EP 253 – Ryan Kimler – Beyond the Balance Sheet: Secrets to Building a Profitable Business

Ryan Kimler is the Founder and Owner of The Net Profit CFO. Ryan helps business owners with one clear path to a growing and more profitable business. As the founder of The Net Profit CFO, he helps business leaders clearly see what is holding their business back from making more profit and more cash flow.  Business owners...

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EP 252 – Nathan Schlaffer – The Intersection of Technology and Marketing

Nathan Schlaffer is the Founder and CEO of MarketMate AI.  Nathan leads MarketMate AI’s product development, marketing, and sales efforts. At MarketMate AI, they’re breaking down barriers to accessing high quality, personalized B2B marketing content with the power of AI. Their platform is a game-changer for B2B marketers, small businesses, and agencies with limited resources, enabling...

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EP 251 – John C. Scott – Financial Fitness for Law Firms

John C. Scott is the Head of Legal VCFO at Summit Virtual CFO by Anders and a Partner in Tax at Anders CPAS + Advisors. Leading the firm’s legal industry efforts for the Virtual CFO team, John offers dedicated resources, financial insight and critical thinking to address complex issues facing law firms.  Anders CPAs +...

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