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EP 204 – Sameer Somal – Prioritizing Your Firm’s Online Reputation

Sameer Somal is the CEO of Blue Ocean Global Technology and co-founder of Girl Power Talk. He is a frequent speaker at conferences on digital transformation, online reputation management,...

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EP 203 – Jaclyn Foster – Establishing Your Firm’s Hiring Experience

Jaclyn Foster is the Founder of Del.Trust Legal Recruiting and Staffing as well as a legal talent acquisition and retention specialist. With both her 7 years of law firm...

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EP 202 – Dorna Moini – Simplifying Document Automation with Gavel

Dorna Moini is the CEO and founder of Gavel, a no-code platform for building document automation and client-facing legal products. Prior to starting Gavel, Dorna was a litigator at...

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EP 201 – Cynthia Pong – Growing Your Brand’s Potential

Cynthia Pong is the Founder and CEO of Embrace Change. Cynthia is a nationally recognized, award-winning, NYU-trained lawyer turned career coach whose passion is helping women of color realize...

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EP 200 – Dan Martell – Crack the Code to Buying Back Your Time

Dan Martell is the best-selling author of Buy Back Your Time and the founder of SaaS Academy. He is also an award-winning Canadian entrepreneur, investor, and coach to over...

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EP 199 – Dr. Jason Gart – The Competitive Advantage of Historical Research and Analysis for Law Firms

Jason H. Gart is a nationally recognized applied historian and vice president at History Associates Incorporated (HAI), a litigation research and analysis consultancy in Rockville, Maryland. Over the last...

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Behind The Mic

Chase Williams

Show Host

Chase Williams is Founder and Managing Partner of Market My Market (www.marketmymarket.com) one of the top tier legal marketing agencies in the United States.  He’s helped hundreds of lawyers and businesses develop and scale digital marketing initiatives. He is a frequent lecturer at majority Universities and conferences. His advice has been featured in Forbes, American Express, Inc, Business.com and more.

Ryan Klein

Show Host

Ryan Klein has spent the past decade creating comprehensive content marketing campaigns and advanced SEO plans for companies in competitive industries.  As a long time contributor to many SEO and content marketing mediums, Ryan brings his expertise and passion to other experts in mediums such as videos, mastermind groups, speaking engagements, and podcasts

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