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EP 177 – Dr. Cain Elliott and Christian Carter – Transforming Data into the Legal Field

Dr. Cain Elliott is the Head Legal Futurist at Filevine. Dr. Elliott develops solutions to bring Filevine to clients in a variety of professional services. He previously served as the CIO at Margolis Edelstein and taught philosophy at a variety of institutions. Cain is a philosopher and technologist, skilled in knowledge management, leadership, and technology....

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EP 176 – Kate Harry Shipham – How Are Law Firms Adjusting to a Post-Pandemic World?

Kate Harry Shipham is a Principal at KHS People LLC. As Principal, Kate places business development and marketing professionals into law firms. Kate’s background is solely within professional services firms. Initially, she was a practicing attorney and, since 2011, as a search and executive recruitment professional. KHS People LLC is an executive search firm for...

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EP 175 – Dan Brian – The Do’s & Don’ts of Digital Marketing

Dan Brian is the Director of Digital Marketing at Riddle & Brantley. Dan also created Marketing for Justice and is the host of The Law Firm Marketing Mix podcast. Riddle & Brantley is a mid-size personal injury firm in North Carolina that serves clients throughout the state and handles Mass Tort cases nationwide. Marketing for...

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EP 174 – Adam Reiman – How to Develop Good Intake for Your Business

Adam Reiman is the Director of Coaching & Live Events at Lawyer.com. Reiman started in the Legal Marketing field in 2012 with the Rainmaker Institute. Connect with Adam: areiman@corp.lawyer.com Visit Lawyer.com’s Website: https://www.lawyer.com/ On This Episode, We Discuss… Intake & Conversion Why Lawyers Shouldn’t Handle Intake Upcoming Lawyer.com Live Events How to Operate a Business...

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EP 173 – Brandon Wheeler – Establishing Your Firm’s Social Media Presence

Brandon Wheeler is the President of Wingman Marketing. Since 2001, Wheeler has worked in the digital marketing space and joined Wingman in 2020. Wingman Marketing is a full-service digital agency with a primary focus on social media for law firms. Wingman’s boutique marketing style assists law firms and other companies in creating profits via digital...

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EP 172 – Suzi Hixon – Prioritizing Your Mental Health in the Workplace

Suzi Hixon is the Founder and CEO of Legally Blissed. Hixon is a Trademark Attorney by day and a Community Builder by night for entrepreneurial female attorneys. Legally Blissed is a mentor-led community for female lawyers and will officially be launching in October 2022. This is a community that’s built to transform female attorneys into...

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EP 171 – Shlomo Kugler – Why Video Content Matters for Your Law Firm

Shlomo Kugler is the Head of the Video Department for Market My Market. Since 2021, Shlomo has helped produce cinematic videos for law firms across the U.S. to drive in more clientele and to focus on bringing out your ultimate sales pitch. Connect with Shlomo on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shlomo-kugler-58a98a76/ Visit Market My Market’s Website: https://www.marketmymarket.com/ On...

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EP 170 – Gregory Salmon – The Steps to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Gregory Salmon is the Owner and Founder of the Law Offices of Gregory Paul Salmon. Salmon’s firm focuses on discovering, creating, and assisting entrepreneurs across the globe. Visit Gregory’s Website: https://gregorysalmon.com/ On This Episode, We Discuss… How to be a Successful Entrepreneur Defining the Idea of Success Maintaining Client Acquisition for Your Firm

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EP 169 – Shannon Tulloss – How Private Investigators Work with Law Firms

Shannon Tulloss is an award-winning private investigator and speaker. She is a California-licensed private investigator and earned her license in 1997. Connect with Shannon on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shannontulloss Visit Shannon’s Website: https://tullosspi.com/ On This Episode, We Discuss… How Private Investigators Work with Law Firms Addressing Misinformation in the PI Industry Utilizing Online & Offline Resources when...

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EP 168 – Steve Fretzin – The Journey to Becoming a Business Development Coach

Steve Fretzin is a four-time author, host of BE THAT LAWYER Podcast, and top business development coach and trainer for ambitious attorneys. For 20-plus years, Steve has helped hundreds of attorneys through highly-engaging programs with an emphasis on business development for attorneys. Connect with Steve on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevefretzin/ Visit Steve’s Website: https://fretzin.com/ On This Episode,...

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