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EP 198 – Judith Kaluzny – The Marriage License Handbook

Judith Kaluzny is a retired mediator, lawyer, and active author.  Kaluzny practiced divorce and family law in Fullerton, County of Orange, for over 40 years. She began mediating in...

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EP 197 – Matt Spiegel – Why Your Firm Should Start Adopting Technology

Matt Spiegel is the Co-Founder and CEO of Lawmatics, an attorney, and a serial entrepreneur in the legal-tech space. Prior to Lawmatics, Matt worked as a criminal defense attorney...

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EP 196 – Chase Williams & Ryan Klein – The Importance of Developing Your Own Content Strategy

Legal Mastermind Podcast hosts Chase Williams and Ryan Klein dive into the world of Lead Tracking to determine how to create the best process for your firm while analyzing...

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EP 195 – Paul Warren – Market My Market’s MMMX Optimizes Your Business’s Local Search Assets

Paul Warren is the Vice President of Operations at MMMX, Market My Market’s newest endeavor launched in 2022, and a multi-faceted marketing executive. Warren’s expertise lies in leveraging data...

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EP 194 – Jeff Socha – How to Increase Your Firm’s Profit with Tax-Planning

Jeff Socha of Socha Consulting founded Ark Financial, a boutique business and financial planning firm in Austin, Texas, and led it to a successful exit in 2021. Jeff’s specialization...

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EP 193 – Kip Boyle – How to Reduce Your Firm’s Cyber Risk

Kip Boyle is the Virtual Chief Information Security Officer and several companies including Cyber Risk Opporunities. He helps senior decision-makers overcome cybersecurity sales objections and manages unlimited cyber risks...

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Behind The Mic

Chase Williams

Show Host

Chase Williams is Founder and Managing Partner of Market My Market (www.marketmymarket.com) one of the top tier legal marketing agencies in the United States.  He’s helped hundreds of lawyers and businesses develop and scale digital marketing initiatives. He is a frequent lecturer at majority Universities and conferences. His advice has been featured in Forbes, American Express, Inc, Business.com and more.

Ryan Klein

Show Host

Ryan Klein has spent the past decade creating comprehensive content marketing campaigns and advanced SEO plans for companies in competitive industries.  As a long time contributor to many SEO and content marketing mediums, Ryan brings his expertise and passion to other experts in mediums such as videos, mastermind groups, speaking engagements, and podcasts

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