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EP 258 – Mark O’Mara – The Intersection of Law, Media, and Public Opinion

Mark O’Mara is the Owner of the O’Mara Law Group. Mark has been a fixture in the Central Florida legal community since 1982. While he started his career as a...

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EP 257 – Allison Johs – LinkedIn for Lawyers: Unlocking Success

Allison Johs is the President of Legal Ease Consulting, Inc. Allison provides business development, marketing, social media, and practice management coaching and consulting services to lawyers to improve their productivity,...

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EP 256 – Jim Sullivan – Demystifying AI in eDiscovery

Jim Sullivan is the Founder of eDiscovery AI and author of the new book The Book on AI Doc Review: A Simple Guide to Understanding the Use of AI...

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EP 255 – Luis Scott – Creating a Branding Playbook

Luis Scott is the Owner of 8 Figure Firm™️ Consulting. Luis revolutionized the legal profession by empowering fellow legal professionals to optimize and expand their practices, achieving unprecedented success in...

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EP 254 – Shireen Hilal – Communication Leads to Transformation

Shireen Hilal is the CEO of Maior Strategic Consulting. Shireen founded Maior Strategic Consulting on the premise that “good enough” hasn’t ever been good enough for her, and her holistic approach to consulting...

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EP 253 – Ryan Kimler – Beyond the Balance Sheet: Secrets to Building a Profitable Business

Ryan Kimler is the Founder and Owner of The Net Profit CFO. Ryan helps business owners with one clear path to a growing and more profitable business. As the founder of...

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Behind The Mic

Chase Williams

Show Host

Chase Williams is Founder and Managing Partner of Market My Market (www.marketmymarket.com) one of the top tier legal marketing agencies in the United States.  He’s helped hundreds of lawyers and businesses develop and scale digital marketing initiatives. He is a frequent lecturer at majority Universities and conferences. His advice has been featured in Forbes, American Express, Inc, Business.com and more.

Ryan Klein

Show Host

Ryan Klein has spent the past decade creating comprehensive content marketing campaigns and advanced SEO plans for companies in competitive industries.  As a long time contributor to many SEO and content marketing mediums, Ryan brings his expertise and passion to other experts in mediums such as videos, mastermind groups, speaking engagements, and podcasts

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