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EP 246 – Joey Coleman – Never Lose An Employee Again

Joey Coleman is a Professional Speaker and Author on All Things Employee and Customer Experience. In his return to the Legal Mastermind Podcast, Joey promotes his new book. “Never...

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EP 245 – 2023 End of Recap Pt II

Legal Mastermind Podcast’s 2023 End of Year Recap Part II features Hamid Kohan, Chris Nelson, Dr. Wendy Ketner and Seth Meyer, and Jonathan Genish. More About Our Guests: Hamid...

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EP 244 – 2023 End of Year Recap Pt. I

Legal Mastermind Podcast’s 2023 End of Year Recap Part I features Jessica Shraybman, Hugo Gomez, Arya Firoozmand, and Daniel Callahan. More About Our Guests: Jessica Shraybman  Hugo Gomez Arya...

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EP 243 – Riley Northup – Areas of Marketing to Watch in 2024

Riley Northup is a Marketing Specialist at The Nieves Law Firm. At The Nieves Law Firm, Riley focuses on expanding the firm’s reach and generating new clients through events,...

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EP 242 – Janet Falk – How to Prepare for Your Next Meeting or Conference

Janet L. Falk, Ph.D. is the Founder of Falk Communications and Research. Falk has 30+ years of experience in Public Relations and Marketing Communications. She advises attorneys, business owners,...

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EP 241 – Ten Ways Law Firms Will Win in 2024 Part 2 – Chase Williams, Ryan Klein, & Eric Bersano

In Ten Ways Law Firms Will Win in 2024 Part Two, Legal Mastermind Podcast hosts Chase Williams, Eric Bersano, and Ryan Klein discuss the viewpoints and goals that your...

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Behind The Mic

Chase Williams

Show Host

Chase Williams is Founder and Managing Partner of Market My Market (www.marketmymarket.com) one of the top tier legal marketing agencies in the United States.  He’s helped hundreds of lawyers and businesses develop and scale digital marketing initiatives. He is a frequent lecturer at majority Universities and conferences. His advice has been featured in Forbes, American Express, Inc, Business.com and more.

Ryan Klein

Show Host

Ryan Klein has spent the past decade creating comprehensive content marketing campaigns and advanced SEO plans for companies in competitive industries.  As a long time contributor to many SEO and content marketing mediums, Ryan brings his expertise and passion to other experts in mediums such as videos, mastermind groups, speaking engagements, and podcasts

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