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EP 160 – Tobi MIllrood – Establishing Credible & Trustworthy Referrals

Tobi Millrood is a Partner at Kline & Specter. Millrood has been practicing law for 26 years in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He specializes in the area of Mass Torts including bad drugs and devices, and defective drugs and devices. Millrood is also the past president of the world’s largest trial bar, the American Association for Justice...

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EP 159 – Michael Lissner – Building a More Equitable Legal Ecosystem

Michael Lissner is the Executive Director of the Free Law Project. The Free Law Project is the leading non-profit using software and data to make the legal ecosystem more equitable and competitive. The organization’s official mission is to try to make the legal sector more competitive using data software and advocacy. Check out Free Law...

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Live From MTMP Part 2!

Recorded at Mass Torts Made Perfect in Las Vegas, NV April of 2022. 0:20 – Giugi Carminati, LexShares, https://www.lexshares.com/ 0:49 – De Novo Review, https://denovoreview.com/ 1:14 – Ray Maldonado, Ybarra Maldonado & Alagha Law Group, https://abogadoray.com/ 1:40 – Jeff Bartholomew, Netmark Business Services, https://netmarkservices.com/ 2:00 – Jessica Shaffer, Legal Nurse Alliance, https://lncalliance.com/ 2:23 – Jacob Whitehead, SW Employment Law, https://swemploymentlaw.com/ 2:50...

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EP 157 – Russ Cersosimo – Discovering Ways to Manage Stress with Plant-Based Supplements

Russ Cersosimo is the Founder and CMO at Hemp Synergistics, author, keynote speaker, and patented inventor. Cersosimo founded Hemp Synergistics in 2019 and has since grown this biotech company specializing in intelligent hemp ingredients and consumer products. Hemp Synergistics incorporates THC-free, CBD-containing products by partnering with brands and healthcare professionals to offer top-of-the-line products. Connect...

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EP 156 – Tom Kirkham – Five Recommendations to Protect Your Firm from Cyber Attacks

Tom Kirkham is the founder and CEO of IronTech Security, an expert in the cybersecurity space, and focuses on educating organizations to establish a security-first environment in their business. With more than three decades of knowledge and experience in software design, network administration, and computer security; Kirkham has become an expert in the cybersecurity world...

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Live From MTMP Part 1!

Recorded at Mass Torts Made Perfect in Las Vegas, NV April of 2022. Featured Guests: 0:17 – Giugi Carminati, LexShares, https://www.lexshares.com/ 2:42 – Bre Swanson, LEX Reception, https://www.lexreception.com/ 4:03 – Samantha Esilva, De Novo Review, https://denovoreview.com/ 4:45 – Ray Maldonado, Ybarra Maldonado & Alagha Law Group, https://abogadoray.com/ 5:44 – Jeff Bartholomew, Netmark Business Services, https://netmarkservices.com/...

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EP 154 – Juyoun Han – How Young Attorneys Can Establish Themselves in Their Career

Juyoun Han is a Partner at Eisenberg & Baum, LLP, a private boutique law firm based in New York City. Han is also a fellow at NYU Law Engleberg Center. She has built a practice on civil rights litigation that focuses on technology which broadly encompasses algorithmic bias and discrimination, data privacy, and NFT intellectual...

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EP 153 – Chase Williams & Ryan Klein – Reflecting on the MTMP Conference

Hosts Chase Williams and Ryan Klein sit down for a special episode to reflect on their time at the MTMP Conference in Las Vegas and their biggest takeaways. On This Episode, We Discuss… Attending the MTMP Conference in Las Vegas Biggest Takeaways from the Conference Importance of Mass Torts

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EP 152 – Andrew Finkelstein – Defining the Paradigm for Law Firms in the Future

Andrew Finkelstein is the Managing Partner of Finkelstein & Partners LLP, a renowned consumer activist, and an accomplished litigator. and is the author of “I Hope We Never Meet.” Andrew defines himself as a deterrence lawyer and holds wrongdoers accountable when they violate various safety rules that expose people to catastrophic injuries and harm. On...

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EP 151 – Joe DiNardo & Dean Chase – The Pioneers of Legal Financing & Litigation Funding

Joe DiNardo, known as the Godfather of the legal financing industry, is a trial lawyer by training and practiced for twenty-five years. Throughout this time, DiNardo became familiar with the difficulties of financing a contingency to practice. In 2005, he started Counsel Financial which provides lines of credit to contingent fee lawyers using their contingent...

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