EP 193 – Kip Boyle – How to Reduce Your Firm’s Cyber Risk

Kip Boyle is the Virtual Chief Information Security Officer and several companies including Cyber Risk Opporunities. He helps senior decision-makers overcome cybersecurity sales objections and manages unlimited cyber risks through rigorous prioritization.

Boyle served as a Captain with the F-22 program in the US Air Force. In the private sector, he was a Chief Information Security Officer for an insurance company, credit card processor, bank, credit union, and IT Managed Service Provider. He has also succeeded in other IT risk management roles in the financial services, technology, telecom, and logistics industries.

He lives in Seattle with his wife and six kids.

Connect with Kip on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kipboyle/

Visit Cyber Risk Opportunities’ Website: https://www.cyberriskopportunities.com/

Download Kip’s Book Here: https://cr-map.com/legalmastermind/

Check Out Kip’s Podcast: https://www.cr-map.com/podcast

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On This Episode, We Discuss…

  • What is a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer?
  • The Benefits of Adding Cyber Risk to Your Firm
  • The Steps of Becoming Informed with Anti-Virus Software
  • The Dangers Around Quantum Computers

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