Month: January 2022

EP 139 – Tom Lenfestey – Selling Or Acquiring A Law Firm

Tom Lenfestey is the Managing Member of The Law Practice Exchange, LLC as well as a practicing North Carolina attorney and licensed CPA. Tom has spent many years in the legal world focused on transition and succession planning for a multitude of professions. He serves on the Transitioning Lawyers Commission with the North Carolina Bar…

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EP 138 – John Schroeder – Is A Digital Consultant The Right Choice For Your Firm?

John Schroeder is the Owner and CEO of De Facto Digital Consulting which provides unbiased advice and strategy on digital marketing for lawyers and law firms. Visit De Facto Digital Consulting’s website here for more information and to schedule a consultation. On This Episode, We Discuss… Why Law Firms Benefit From A Digital Consultant How…

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EP 137 – Patrick K. Lin – The Influence of Artificial Intelligence on the Criminal Justice System

Patrick K. Lin has worked for a variety of public interest organizations, including the ACLU’s Speech, Privacy & Technology Project, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the Federal Trade Commission. Previously, he interned for federal judges in the Eastern District of New York and the Southern District of New York. While completing his law degree at…

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