Month: June 2020

EP 53 – Bruce Segall – Taking Advantage of LinkedIn’s Features to Boost Your Profile to Its Full Potential

Bruce Segall is the President of Marketing Sense for Business. He works with both law firms and small to mid-size business firms to help professionals stand out in the crowded business world. He has worked in the marketing industry throughout his entire career. He began with MasterCard and Citibank working in their marketing departments and then became the Director of Marketing for a small professional services firm. He has focused on being an outsource marketing director for smaller companies and firms by doing branding, communications, and messaging.

On This Episode, We Discuss…

  • 4 Most Important Things to Check on Your LinkedIn Profile Page
  • Using LinkedIn’s Features – Free vs. Premium
  • On-Going Aspects of LinkedIn Features

EP 52 – William Umansky – Growing Your Practice Through Being a Leader in Your Community

William Umansky is the Managing Partner of Umansky Law Firm. William became a lawyer over 28 years ago and started as a prosecutor. William started his own firm after working on some defense work. He handles personal injury cases including car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, sex abuse, and more. William is also an author of the Amazon Best-Selling book “Power Principles of Success”.

On This Episode, We Discuss…

  • Finding Your Driver for Success
  • Giving Back to Your Community
  • Prioritizing Your Passions … Including Your Business

EP 51 – Ken Hardison – Catching Up and Cleaning Up to Prepare for When Everything Lifts After COVID-19


Ken Hardison is the Founder and President of PILMMA, the Personal injury Lawyers Marketing and Management Association. Ken and the PILMMA Team use marketing and management resources dedicated to attorneys. 

On This Episode, We Discuss…

  • Secrets of Successful People
  • Using Zoom and Other Virtual Meeting Spaces
  • Giving Value in What You Do

EP 50 – Brian Basinger – Understanding the PPP Loan and What It Can Do For Your Firm


Brian Basinger is the Founder and Principal of Basinger CPA. Brian is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Tax Coach and helps small business owners navigate accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation. Basinger CPA is a strategic advisory firm that goes in-depth in helping their clients on tax planning, accounting, and cash flow forecasting.

On This Episode, We Discuss…

  • What is the PPP Loan vs Other Options
  • Recent Changes and Updates Made to the PPP Loan
  • Guidelines to Forgiveness of PPP Loan

EP 49 – Catherine MacDonagh – Using Lean and Six Sigma to Improve Project Efficiency Within Your Firm

ep49 - cm

Catherine MacDonagh is the founder of Legal Lean Sigma Institute and the developer of Legal Lean Sigma and the award-winning Legal Workout. She teaches and provides training and consulting services with a focus in project improvement, project management, operational and process excellence, organizational development, and strategy. 

On This Episode, We Discuss…

• Understanding Lean and Six Sigma in Addition to Project Management
• What the Process Improvement Framework Is & How to Apply It
• Reducing or Eliminating Wasteful Tasks in Projects

EP 48 – Chase Williams & Ryan Klein – Optimizing Your Tech Stack & Creating the Best Experience for Your Customers When They Visit Your Site

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 11.47.17 AM

Digital marketing is always evolving and there is always a new piece of software that you could be implementing in your site to make it run faster, have a better customer experience, or just to one-up your marketing game. Software is likely a solution to some of the issues or gaps that you may be struggling with.

On This Episode, We Discuss…

  • Reviewing Website Speed and Ways to Make Your Website Load Faster
  • Chase and Ryan’s Go-To Marketing Tools to Implement in Your Website
  • What Things You Can Be Testing on Your Website and Content Refreshes

EP 47 – Kwasi Bowman – Forming Litigation Strategies and Utilizing AI to Make Data Driven Decisions and Win Cases


Kwasi Bowman is the Director of Account Management at Gavelytics. Gavelytics is a company that goes through records within state courts and extracts information on judge behavior to give litigators. Kwasi’s role within the company is to take care of current clients and make sure that they are aware of how to use the technology. 

On This Episode, We Discuss …

• Structuring Your Strategy as a Result of Analytic Predictions
 Value AI Brings in Ability to Adjust Predictions and Anticipations
• Future of AI and How That Affects Lawyer

EP 46 – Kwame Christian – Having Conversations with Clients, Employees, and Your Community About Race and Injustice


Kwame Christian is the Director of the American Negotiation Institute where he conducts negotiation and conflict management workshops around the country. He is also author of the Amazon best seller – “Nobody Will Play With Me: How to Use Compassionate Curiosity to Find Confidence in Conflict” and the host of the world’s most popular negotiation podcast – “Negotiate Anything.”

On This Episode, We Discuss …

  • Recognizing Social Injustice and What Constitutes Action
  • Steps of the Compassionate Curiosity Framework
  • What is a Lawyer’s Role as a Defender of Justice?

EP 45 – Ted DeBettencourt – Increasing Your Law Firm’s Total Leads by Introducing Chat on Your Website

Ted DeBettencourt is the Co-Founder of Juvo Leads. Ted has been working in the legal marketing industry for over 11 years now and began Juvo Leads with his partner about 3 years ago after running a small legal marketing agency himself. Juvo Leads is a complete lead capture and tracking company for law firms and other legal marketing agencies. DeBettencourt’s Juvo Leads helps law firms get more leads through website chat, as well as track leads that come via phone calls and form submissions.

On This Episode, We Discuss …

• Tracking the Source of Leads vs Tracking the Source of New Clients and Signed Cases
• What is Speed to Lead and Why Is It So Crucial?
• Website Mobile Experience and Tracking Leads via SMS