Month: November 2019

EP 14 – Robert Weiss – Video Strategy 101

Robert Weiss is the Chief Video Content Marketing Strategist at Multi-Vision Digital has over 14 + years of experience in Internet marketing, SaaS-based marketing, and sales processes tactics.

In this episode we discuss…

  • How to create specific video content based off of your firm’s objectives
  • How to get started with an ongoing video marketing strategy
  • A proper budget to allocate when hiring a 3rd party

EP 13 – Julie Henson – What Lawyers Can Learn from the Leadership of Professional Athletes

Julie Henson is the Director of Client Development & Marketing at Briggs and Morgan. She has spent the past two decades coaching high-performing individuals by utilizing formal and informal influence to drive business development strategies.

On This Episode, We Discuss…

  • Confidence – What is your inner dialog?
  • Drive – How much are you invested?
  • Empathy – Do they care if they impact?
  • Engagement – How engaged are you?
  • External Relationships – Are you client minded?
  • Are you Genuine – How sincere are you?
  • Internal Relationships – How you’re perceived in the firm.
  • Self Awareness – Listen to feedback and adjust.

EP 12 – Trena Little – Turn One Hour of Filming Per Month Into Months of Video Content

Trena Little is YouTube specialist who motivates and trains lawyers and entrepreneurs on how to create and maximize the reach of their video content. She’s worked with hundreds of YouTube channels to expand their reach while cutting down on production time.

On this episode we discuss…
How to hook people within the the first 3-5 seconds
How to strategically set up time to create video content
How to repurpose video content across multiple channels

EP 11 – Chase Williams & Ryan Klein – Questions You Need To Be Asking Your AdWords Agency

In this special episode Hosts Ryan Klein & Chase Williams discuss the following topics related to the tactics you or your agency should be implementing into your Adwords Strategy at your Law Firm.

In This Episode, We Cover…

Where are you sending your paid traffic?
How are you quantifying conversion
Are you relying on automated reporting?
Are you A/B testing?
Is Your Campaign Improving Monthly?
Are you establishing a benchmark?
Have you seen the exact searches triggered from your campaign?
What keywords are included in your negative keyword report?
Are you getting as much real estate as possible on the search engine results page? 
Is there an opportunity to open remote offices?
Are you running your ads 24/7 7 days a week?
Are you working with a Google AdWords?

Our predictions the huge upcoming opportunity with Google’s Upcoming Local Service Ads