Month: June 2024

EP 268 – Vera Zambrano – International Law and Leveraging Content for Global Reach

Vera Zambrano is the Lead Attorney at the Law Firm Vera Zambrano & Associates. Vera founded her own first law practice in Berlin, Germany at the age of 28 and after only a few years she has expanded her legal practice internationally with a focus on national and international law. Visit Vera Zambrano & Associates:…

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EP 267 – Doug Burnetti – Customer Service Excellence in Law

Doug Burnetti is President and CEO of Burnetti, P.A. Doug started his firm in the 90’s with just a $10,000 loan. The firm has now been around for 30 years and is renowned for their financial resources, trial experience, and reliable legal counsel. Burnetti, P.A. is a full service personal injury law firm specializing in auto…

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EP 266 – Katherine Porter – The Power of Human-Centered Design in the Legal Industry

Katherine Porter is the Founder and CEO of The Resourceful Lawyer. Katherine empowers lawyers and law firm leaders to assemble the right resources, streamline operations, and deliver exceptional results for their clients. This strategic approach not only enhances their practice but also allows them to expand their book of business and increase profitability. Connect with Katherine…

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