EP 164 – Matthew Stansell – How to Create a Mass Torts Conference

Matthew Stansell is the President and Chief Operating Officer of A4D. A4D became a leader in online customer acquisition more than 14 years ago by possessing a large network of trust partnerships as well as a portfolio of properties that include e-commerce products, lead generation for insurance, legal help, and more. A4D also excels in…

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Live From MTMP Part 2!

Recorded at Mass Torts Made Perfect in Las Vegas, NV April of 2022. 0:20 – Giugi Carminati, LexShares, 0:49 – De Novo Review, 1:14 – Ray Maldonado, Ybarra Maldonado & Alagha Law Group, 1:40 – Jeff Bartholomew, Netmark Business Services, 2:00 – Jessica Shaffer, Legal Nurse Alliance, 2:23 – Jacob Whitehead, SW Employment Law, 2:50…

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