EP 172 – Suzi Hixon – Prioritizing Your Mental Health in the Workplace

Suzi Hixon is the Founder and CEO of Legally Blissed. Hixon is a Trademark Attorney by day and a Community Builder by night for entrepreneurial female attorneys. Legally Blissed is a mentor-led community for female lawyers and will officially be launching in October 2022. This is a community that’s built to transform female attorneys into…

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EP 161 – Pooja Kothari – Addressing Bias in the Workplace

Pooja Kothari is a former Public Defender of seven years who found a desire to highlight the bias in the legal system. She has since created tools and methods to combat and educate bias in the workplace and in everyday life. Kothari created the anti-bias organization Boundless Awareness with the mission to build inclusive spaces….

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