EP 11 – Chase Williams & Ryan Klein – Questions You Need To Be Asking Your AdWords Agency

In this special episode Hosts Ryan Klein & Chase Williams discuss the following topics related to the tactics you or your agency should be implementing into your Adwords Strategy at your Law Firm.

In This Episode, We Cover…

Where are you sending your paid traffic?
How are you quantifying conversion
Are you relying on automated reporting?
Are you A/B testing?
Is Your Campaign Improving Monthly?
Are you establishing a benchmark?
Have you seen the exact searches triggered from your campaign?
What keywords are included in your negative keyword report?
Are you getting as much real estate as possible on the search engine results page? 
Is there an opportunity to open remote offices?
Are you running your ads 24/7 7 days a week?
Are you working with a Google AdWords?

Our predictions the huge upcoming opportunity with Google’s Upcoming Local Service Ads

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