EP 145 – Ryan Kimler – Implementing A Financial Dashboard to Ensure Your Firm’s Future

Ryan Kimler is the owner of Financial Clarity LLC, a company that partners exclusively with law firms that provide custom business and trust accounting services. Ryan is a Fractional CFO by trade, a trained Law Firm Accountant, and a planning strategist who helps self-employed attorneys and law firm owners leverage their business.

Financial Clarity LLC gives their clients unprecedented control and clarity over their financials such as having 24/7 access to data and better decision-making power.

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Right Fit Call Booking (30 Min):

On This Episode, We Discuss…

  • Building a Financial Dashboard for Your Client
  • Setting Attainable Targets with Your Client
  • Establishing a Safe and Reasonable Line of Credit
  • Learning How to Cash Flow Your Firm’s Profits

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