EP 79 – Emily Baker – Building the Business You Want Around the Life You Want

Emily Baker, also known as The Badass Lawyer, is the Host of Get Legit Law and Sh!t Podcast and helps online businesses with all of their legal aspects. She made the jump to starting her own business in 2017 after 10 years working as a District Attorney in Long Beach, California. She loved the work as a DA, but sometimes the job was a little bit tough, especially health-wise. 

If you are looking to get more involved with Emily, you can reach out to her through Direct Message on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/theemilydbaker/ or find her at https://emilydbaker.com 

Focusing to Avoid Burnout

Emily now finds a lot more freedom of choice. Her clients tend to appreciate that she is blunt and that she values her time as well as theirs. She encourages people to come to her to plan and to set a foundation, not to handle their emergencies. She now sets very clear boundaries for herself with her clients and if they do not respect those boundaries, they are no longer clients. Helping entrepreneurs step away from the stress of everything – your job is never done in entrepreneurship, there is always going to be something new, but it is likely not life and death. Bringing in that perspective, along with her previous experiences, for her and her clients to set those boundaries has been the greatest thing for her. Attorneys that are in supportive work environments who have choice and control are not the ones that are burnt out, and it is the same with entrepreneurs. When you feel like you have choice and control over what you are doing and you are not trying to get to the next thing – when you are focused, you are not burnt out and stressed out. 

Setting Boundaries and Enforcing Them

Starting to evaluate boundaries, and law pushes us to have no boundaries, but starting to enforce your own boundaries is going to save you the headache and it is something that you are going to have to do if you are choosing to leave a job, if you are going to start your own thing. To do that successfully without burning yourself out again, you have to set and enforce your boundaries. 

When Emily started her business, she has been online the entire time that she has been providing consulting and legal services. The more than she was in online circles, the more people worked all over the place and just wanted to ask questions, so getting on a Zoom call was just as easy. She did not want to pay for an office space or take on a lot of overhead. Emily wanted the freedom to be able to work from her computer between the times that her children were at school. Why pay the rents for an office space when you can get a pretty fast internet connection, Zoom and some headphones, and make it work. That kind of choice gives you an opportunity to fill back in your life a little bit so that you get to do more than just work. It is really a valuable pursuit. 

Contributing to Spaces in a Positive Way

Emily started her podcast for entrepreneurs and then found very quickly that her audience was much more general than that. A lot of what she talks about is news specific because she has found that we are missing and what people do not understand are the laws that are impacting the decisions. People see the news story, but there is no explanation of what the rules are. Her goal is to help give people the information that they need to make informed decisions whether that is in their business or in their life. Emily enjoys continuing to learn and grow and look at new laws and evaluate stories the way that she wants to evaluate them. It has really pushed her business forward, but it has also allowed the conversation to continue in a positive way in online spaces which is something she found to be lacking a little bit. She just tries to contribute to that space in a positive way. She really loves technology and finding a way to bring technology into her online business. 

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