EP 201 – Cynthia Pong – Growing Your Brand’s Potential

Cynthia Pong is the Founder and CEO of Embrace Change. Cynthia is a nationally recognized, award-winning, NYU-trained lawyer turned career coach whose passion is helping women of color realize their ambitious career goals. 

As a career coach for women of color, speaker, author, and thought leader in the professional development field, Cynthia offers a range of services, including coaching, consulting, and workshops.

Embrace Change is a career coaching and consulting firm that specializes in working with women of color. It is Embrace Change’s singular mission to get all women of color across the industry the money, power, and respect that they deserve in the workplace. 

The Embrace Change team is an all-BIPOC team of career and executive coaches, with areas of expertise ranging from negotiation to leadership to entrepreneurship. 

Connect with Cynthia on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/embracechangenyc/

Visit Embrace Change’s Website: https://www.embracechange.nyc/

On This Episode, We Discuss…

  • Transitioning From Being a Public Defender to Career Coach
  • Best Practices to Advance Your Career & Grow Your Professional Brand
  • Reclaiming Control of Your Brand’s Narrative 

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