EP 229 – Rachel Brenke – How to Live A REAL Life

Rachel Brenke is a multi-faceted entrepreneur, a lawyer, and a Team USA triathlete. Aside from her extensive career, Rachel is a military spouse and mother of five.

As an entrepreneur, Rachel created Brenke Brands, which includes FitLegally, TheLawTog, and Rachel Brenke. She is also the author of seven books, hosted the Real Biz Podcast, and founded a boutique niche law firm.

Her belief that you can create a business that allows you to live the REAL life you dream of living has allowed her to travel the world with her family while creating a successful empire.

Connect with Rachel on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/rachel-brenke-6485763a

Visit Rachel’s Website: rachelbrenke.com

On This Episode, We Discuss…

  • Creating A REAL Business to Live A REAL Life
  • Determining Your Individual Strengths
  • How to Manage a Work-Life Balance
  • Ways to Avoid Burnout

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