EP 237 – Dr. Wendy Ketner & Seth Meyer – Expert Witness Discovery Services for Lawyers

Dr. Wendy Ketner is the Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs at Expert Institute. She completed her internship and residency at Beth Israel Medical Center in NYC, and her research was in post-mastectomy reconstruction and the surgical treatment of gastric cancer, on which she co-authored a textbook chapter. Prior to joining Expert Institute, Dr. Ketner spent several years running the Healthcare Hedge Fund book of business at Gerson Lehrman Group, a learning platform for financial investors, life sciences, and corporate companies, as well as consulting firms.

Seth Meyer is the Managing Partner of Meyer Law Firm PLC. He represents clients in arbitration and litigation at the trial and appellate levels and has handled cases on a broad array of subject matters, including antitrust, bankruptcy, contracts, class actions, fraud, labor and employment, mergers and acquisitions, product liability, securities, and unfair trade practices.

Expert Institute gives lawyers access to world-class experts, unparalleled intelligence, and cutting-edge legal technology. Established in 2010, Expert Institute has supported over 5,000 firms nationwide across all areas of practice.

Connect with Dr. Ketner on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/wendy-ketner-md-7564857

Connect with Seth on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/seth-meyer-95461130/

Visit Expert Institute’s Website: www.expertinstitute.com

Visit Meyer Law Firm’s Website: www.meyerplc.com

On This Episode, We Discuss…

  • What is Expert Institute?
  • The Science Behind Pertinent Mass Torts
  • Determining the Best-Suited Experts for Clients
  • Plaintiff Selection Criteria

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