EP 76 – Paul Samakow – How Your Firm Can Dominate in the Hispanic Market

Paul Samakow is a Personal Injury Lawyer and Author. He has been working in the Washington DC area for the past 40 years and entered into personal injury around the 5-year mark. The local Hispanic community in DC didn’t have anyone talking to them, so he started running small ads in newspapers and the phone started ringing. Paul is bilingual, but not completely, so he needed to hire someone in his office that was bilingual and could have those conversations. He recognized about 3 years ago that what he is doing can be reproduced – he can teach it. So, he opened a consulting business to help other attorneys around the country to do the same thing he is doing in their markets. 

On This Episode, We Discuss…

  • Recognizing an Under-Served Community and What Cases Work Better
  • Paul’s Favorite Business Book Finds to Develop the Business Side of Your Firm
  • Suggestions for Someone Who is Not a Native Spanish Speaker and Top Book Points

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