EP 190 – Jim Hart – A Guide for Lawyers to Achieve YouTube Success

James Hart is a trademark lawyer, podcaster, and Youtuber. Jim has been working with brands to help them secure the rights to their intellectual property since 2015. His YouTube channel has amassed over 5.5 million lifetime views and 146,000 subscribers by teaching the legal fundamentals for how entrepreneurs can protect their business in a way…

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EP 164 – Matthew Stansell – How to Create a Mass Torts Conference

Matthew Stansell is the President and Chief Operating Officer of A4D. A4D became a leader in online customer acquisition more than 14 years ago by possessing a large network of trust partnerships as well as a portfolio of properties that include e-commerce products, lead generation for insurance, legal help, and more. A4D also excels in…

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EP 148 – Sarah Tetlow – Applying the ARTT Method to Organize Your Emails

Sarah Tetlow is the founder and CEO of Firm Focus. Sarah consults, coaches, and trains law firms on project, attention, time, task, and email management. Firm Focus’ mission is to help law firms and legal departments of all sizes increase their productivity, reach their mission-critical objectives, develop a strong workplace culture, and develop a plan…

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