EP 239 – Jonathan Genish – The Superstar Effect

Jonathan Genish is the Founder and Lead Trial Counsel at Blackstone Law. Genish is an award-winning trial attorney who has represented the full gamut of clients from A-list celebrities to Fortune 500 companies to small businesses and individuals over his productive career. Blackstone Law is a California-based litigation law firm concentrating on plaintiff’s labor and…

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EP 218 – Victor Demesmin Jr & Jeremy Dover – Building Your Law Firm’s Reputation & Credibility

Jeremy Dover & Victor Demesmin Jr (left-to-right) Victor Demesmin Jr and Jeremy Dover started Demesmin and Dover Law Firm during the novel pandemic. While all odds seemed to be against the two young lawyers, they overcame every obstacle that was placed in front of them.  The law firm that started with just the two of…

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EP 141 – David Kwartler – Identifying the Right Fit When Hiring For Your Firm

David Kwartler is the Managing Partner and Founder of Kwartler Manus LLC based in Philadelphia and South Jersey. Kwartler Manus LLC is a bread and butter personal injury shop that was founded in 2014 and is committed to fighting with tenacity and skill on clients’ behalf. On This Episode, We Discuss… The Process of Hiring…

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