Live From MTMP Part 1!

Recorded at Mass Torts Made Perfect in Las Vegas, NV April of 2022. Featured Guests: 0:17 – Giugi Carminati, LexShares, 2:42 – Bre Swanson, LEX Reception, 4:03 – Samantha Esilva, De Novo Review, 4:45 – Ray Maldonado, Ybarra Maldonado & Alagha Law Group, 5:44 – Jeff Bartholomew, Netmark Business Services,…

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EP 153 – Chase Williams & Ryan Klein – Reflecting on the MTMP Conference

Hosts Chase Williams and Ryan Klein sit down for a special episode to reflect on their time at the MTMP Conference in Las Vegas and their biggest takeaways. On This Episode, We Discuss… Attending the MTMP Conference in Las Vegas Biggest Takeaways from the Conference Importance of Mass Torts

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