personal injury

EP 218 – Victor Demesmin Jr & Jeremy Dover – Building Your Law Firm’s Reputation & Credibility

Jeremy Dover & Victor Demesmin Jr (left-to-right) Victor Demesmin Jr and Jeremy Dover started Demesmin and Dover Law Firm during the novel pandemic. While all odds seemed to be against the two young lawyers, they overcame every obstacle that was placed in front of them.  The law firm that started with just the two of…

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EP 206 – Jason Lazarus – Trial Lawyer Awareness

Jason Lazarus is the founder and CEO of Synergy Settlement Services. Lazarus is a renowned legal settlement services industry expert. His written work is widely published and his thought leadership in Medicare compliance has been cited by Federal courts and Florida courts including the Florida Supreme Court. Art of Settlement, Lazarus’ first book, is an…

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EP 188 – Joshua Schwadron – Re-Innovating the Personal Injury Industry

Joshua Schwadron is the Founder and CEO of Mighty, a personal injury company that provides software to personal injury law firms. Schwadron is a lawyer, entrepreneur, and public speaker. He is the former Founder and CEO of Betterfly (acquired by Microsoft via Takelessons), a service provider marketplace, and regularly speaks and writes on civil justice…

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