standard operating procedures

EP 215 – Chris Gwinn – The Methodology of Success for Your Law Firm

Chris Gwinn is the founder and CEO of Great Lakes Advisory. Chris built his company around standardizing operating procedures, leadership development, documenting processes, instructional design, training, and getting everyone aligned.  He has successfully implemented a 100% remote team, increased productivity, and promoted autonomy with his employees. Great Lakes Advisory makes businesses easier to manage by…

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EP 180 – Chase Williams & Ryan Klein – How Law Firms Will Win in 2023 Part I

In Part 1 of How Law Firms Will Win in 2023, Legal Mastermind Podcast hosts Chase Williams and Ryan Klein discuss the viewpoints and goals that your law firm needs to be considering when preparing for 2023 and beyond. Visit MarketMyMarket’s Website: On This Episode, We Discuss…

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