EP 218 – Victor Demesmin Jr & Jeremy Dover – Building Your Law Firm’s Reputation & Credibility

Jeremy Dover & Victor Demesmin Jr (left-to-right) Victor Demesmin Jr and Jeremy Dover started Demesmin and Dover Law Firm during the novel pandemic. While all odds seemed to be against the two young lawyers, they overcame every obstacle that was placed in front of them.  The law firm that started with just the two of…

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EP 189 – Lynda Decker – Increasing Your Firm’s Revenue with Top-of-the-Line Website Design

Lynda Decker is the CEO and Owner of Decker Design, a legal sector-focused brand strategist and multidisciplinary designer whose work encompasses high-level website design, interactive communications, publications, and information graphics. With 26 years of experience in design, Decker comes to the table ready to transform outdated law firm websites into identities that amplify expertise through…

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EP 149 – Annie Scranton – Expanding Your Credibility With a PR Firm

Annie Scranton is the Founder and President of Pace Public Relations (PPR). Scranton started PPR as a solopreneur in 2010 with only herself and has since turned the company into a multi-million-dollar business with more than 40 clients across the globe. Her career expands prior to starting PPR where she worked as a television producer…

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