EP 189 – Lynda Decker – Increasing Your Firm’s Revenue with Top-of-the-Line Website Design

Lynda Decker is the CEO and Owner of Decker Design, a legal sector-focused brand strategist and multidisciplinary designer whose work encompasses high-level website design, interactive communications, publications, and information graphics.

With 26 years of experience in design, Decker comes to the table ready to transform outdated law firm websites into identities that amplify expertise through compelling visual design, resulting in attracting clients by standing out from the mediocrity of law firm web designs. Her designs have proven time and again to be a firm’s revenue driver, as the website is most often the first line of communication with a potential client.

Decker Design is a strategic-branding and website-design agency for the legal and financial community. The company focuses on developing bold brands that elevate clients’ unique differentiators to position them for new heights in the marketplace.

Connect with Lynda on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lyndadecker/

Visit Decker Design’s Website: https://deckerdesign.com/

On This Episode, We Discuss…

  • The Concept of Design Thinking
  • How the Design Process is Defined for Each Client
  • The Importance of the Discovery Phase
  • How to Navigate the Balance Between Focusing on the Customer and a Firm’s Credibility

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