EP 192 – 2022 End of Year Recap

Legal Mastermind Podcast’s 2022 End of Year Recap features Chuki Obiyo, Roy Sexton, Brenda Pontiff, Frans Johansson, Juyoun Han, Steve Fretzin, Gregory Salmon, Suzi Hixon, Robert Ingalls, Marisa Simmons, and Michael Chastaine. 

More About Our Guests:

Chuki Obiyo is a Senior Business Development Manager at Vedder Price. Obiyo serves the firm’s rainmakers and aspiring rainmakers in Chicago, Dallas, London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, and Washington DC with exclusive business development insights and coaching. Vedder Price is a business-focused law firm with a global reach and a proud tradition of maintaining long-term client relationships.

Featured Episode: 142

Episode Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-142-chuki-obiyo-sustaining-long-term-client-relationships-with-a-sustainable-business-development-model/


  • Finding the Right Mentee for You
  • Sustainable Business Development vs. Traditional Business Development

Roy Sexton is the Marketing Director at Clark Hill and the President-Elect of the Legal Marketing Association. Roy has held the Marketing Director position since 2019 at Clark Hill and has begun his journey on LMA’s board as Treasurer before being chosen as the 2022 President-Elect. Clark Hill is an international team of legal advisors focused on delivering exceptional growth for your business. LMA supports the legal marketing community through thought leadership, professional advocacy and personal enrichment.

Featured Episode: 143

Episode Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-143-roy-sexton-the-importance-of-connecting-with-others/


  • What is the Legal Marketing Association?
  • Benefits of Joining an Association

Brenda Pontiff is the Managing Principal at Partner Track Academy. Brenda stays busy helping firms find or retain clients along with coaching young associates to senior partners. Partner Track Academy helps law firms figure out new innovative ways to go to market and service clients.

Featured Episode: 144

Episode Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-144-brenda-pontiff-finding-the-right-chief-marketing-officer-for-your-firm/


  • Hiring A Chief Marketing Officer for Your Law Firm
  • A New-Hire CMO’s Timeline & Responsibilities

Frans Johansson is the CEO of The Medici Group, Public Speaker, and Author of the Medici Effect and The Click Moment. Johansson has had a lasting impact on industries, leaders, and many more.

Featured Episode: 150

Episode Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-150-frans-johannson-generating-diversity-innovation-into-your-firm-by-using-the-medici-effect/


  • How Innovation is Interpreted by the Medici Effect
  • Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on the Legal System

Juyoun Han is a Partner at Eisenberg & Baum, LLP, a private boutique law firm based in New York City. Han is also a fellow at NYU Law Engleberg Center. She has built a practice on civil rights litigation that focuses on technology that broadly encompasses algorithmic bias and discrimination, data privacy, and NFT intellectual property issues.

Featured Episode: 154

Episode Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-153-juyoun-han-how-young-attorneys-can-establish-themselves-in-their-career/


  • How Young Attorneys Can Establish Themselves Early on in Their Career
  • Insights in the Technology Field

Steve Fretzin is a four-time author, host of BE THAT LAWYER Podcast, and top business development coach and trainer for ambitious attorneys. For 20-plus years, Steve has helped hundreds of attorneys through highly-engaging programs with an emphasis on business development for attorneys.

Featured Episode: 168

Episode Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-168-steve-fretzin-the-journey-to-becoming-a-business-development-coach/


  • Achieving Success in Your Career
  • The Journey to Becoming a Business Development Coach

Gregory Salmon is the Owner and Founder of the Law Offices of Gregory Paul Salmon. Salmon’s firm focuses on discovering, creating, and assisting entrepreneurs across the globe.

Featured Episode: 170 

Episode Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-170-gregory-salmon-the-steps-to-becoming-a-successful-entrepreneur/


  • How to be a Successful Entrepreneur
  • Defining the Idea of Success

Suzi Hixon is the Founder and CEO of Legally Blissed. Hixon is a Trademark Attorney by day and a Community Builder by night for entrepreneurial female attorneys. Legally Blissed is a mentor-led community for female lawyers and will officially be launching in October 2022. 

Featured Episode: 172

Episode Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-172-suzi-hixon-prioritizing-your-mental-health-in-the-workplace/


  • Creating Boundaries in Your Workspace & in Client Relationships
  • Managing Your Mental Health

Robert Ingalls is the Founder of Lawpods, a podcast production company for professional attorneys offering a plan for lawyers to build relationships, generate revenue, and put them in front of new clients. Lawpods consists of experienced producers, editors, and sound engineers that will create a podcast that is professional, polished, and on-brand for attorneys. 

Featured Episode: 179

Episode Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-179-robert-ingalls-a-guide-to-creating-a-podcast-for-your-firm/


  • How to Dedicate Time to Create a Podcast
  • Lawpods’ SEO Approach to Producing & Promoting a Podcast

Marisa Simmons is an Attorney Recruiter at Beacon Hill. Simmons manages a group of direct-hire attorney recruiters. Her group focuses on recruiting and placing attorneys in not only law firms large and small, but also with in-house legal groups throughout the region.

Featured Episode: 187

Episode Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-187-marisa-simmons-why-you-should-hire-an-attorney-recruiter-for-your-firm/


  • How to Expand Your Network as a Young Attorney
  • Ways that Firms can Compete to Attract Great Talent

Michael Chastaine is an award-winning attorney, speaker, and author. His career spans many decades and covers a wide range of experiences, both in and out of the courtroom. As a successful entrepreneur, nationally recognized trial lawyer, and endurance athlete, he has a unique perspective for success that puts him in a unique position to help others.

Featured Episode: 191

Episode Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-191-michael-chastaine-invest-in-yourself/


  • The Importance of Investing in Yourself
  • Escaping the Business Pain Cave

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