EP 195 – Paul Warren – Market My Market’s MMMX Optimizes Your Business’s Local Search Assets

Paul Warren is the Vice President of Operations at MMMX, Market My Market’s newest endeavor launched in 2022, and a multi-faceted marketing executive. Warren’s expertise lies in leveraging data to tell stories, driving SEO efficacy, and designing and executing innovative marketing initiatives that grow brands and expand competitive positioning. 

Market My Market’s MMMX consists of a team of Local Search leaders that have helped hundreds of business owners oversee thousands of their in-demand digital assets. MMMX specializes in helping multi-location businesses optimize their search assets such as Google Business Profile and Local Optimized Website pages by over 400%. 

Connect with Paul on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paul-warren-seo/

Visit MMMX’s Website: https://mmmx.co/

Check Out Ryan & Paul’s Podcast, SEO is Dead: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/seo-is-dead-and-other-lies/id1378722120

On This Episode, We Discuss…

  • Market My Market’s MMMX & How it Works
  • Why Market My Market Launched MMMX
  • Increasing Your Business’ Local Optimization
  • The Difficulty of Growing SEO Rankings

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