EP 179 – Robert Ingalls – A Guide to Creating a Podcast for Your Firm

Robert Ingalls is the Founder of Lawpods, a podcast production company for professional attorneys offering a plan for lawyers to build relationships, generate revenue, and put them in front of new clients. Lawpods consists of experienced producers, editors, and sound engineers that will create a podcast that is professional, polished, and on-brand for attorneys. Their…

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EP 175 – Dan Brian – The Do’s & Don’ts of Digital Marketing

Dan Brian is the Director of Digital Marketing at Riddle & Brantley. Dan also created Marketing for Justice and is the host of The Law Firm Marketing Mix podcast. Riddle & Brantley is a mid-size personal injury firm in North Carolina that serves clients throughout the state and handles Mass Tort cases nationwide. Marketing for…

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EP 115 – Chase Williams & Ryan Klein – Misconceptions in the SEO Marketplace

Legal Mastermind Podcast hosts Chase Williams and Ryan Klein bring shine some light on recent misconceptions in the SEO and marketing strategy marketplaces. On This Episode, We Discuss… Removing Links for SEO Strategy Deciding Between Content or SEO Cookies & LSA Ads aren’t Going Anywhere SEO is Not Dead

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