EP 219 – 2023 In Review So Far – Part 1

2023 In Review So Far Part 1 features Paul Warren, Dr. Jason Gart, Dan Martell, Cynthia Pong, and Jaclyn Foster.

More About Our Guests:

Paul Warren is the Vice President of Operations at MMMX, Market My Market’s newest endeavor launched in 2022, and a multi-faceted marketing executive. 

Featured Episode: 195

Episode Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-195-paul-warren-market-my-markets-mmmx-optimizes-your-businesss-local-search-assets/


  • Increasing Your Business’ Local Optimization

Dr. Jason Gart is a nationally recognized applied historian and vice president at History Associates Incorporated (HAI), a litigation research and analysis consultancy in Rockville, Maryland.

Featured Episode: 199

Episode Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-199-jason-gart-what-is-the-value-of-historical-document-analysis-for-your-firm/


  • The Value of Research Methods

Dan Martell is the best-selling author of Buy Back Your Time and the founder of SaaS Academy. He is also an award-winning Canadian entrepreneur, investor, and coach to over 1000+ SaaS founders, including clients like ClickFunnels, Proposify, and Carrot.

Featured Episode: 200

Episode Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-200-dan-martell-crack-the-code-to-buying-back-your-time/


  • Buying Back Your Time
  • Utilizing the Buy Back Principle

Cynthia Pong is the Founder and CEO of Embrace Change. Cynthia is a nationally recognized, award-winning, NYU-trained lawyer turned career coach whose passion is helping women of color realize their ambitious career goals. 

Featured Episode: 201

Episode Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-201-cynthia-pong-growing-your-brands-potential/


  • Best Practices to Advance Your Career

Jaclyn Foster is the Founder of Del.Trust Legal Recruiting and Staffing as well as a legal talent acquisition and retention specialist.

Featured Episode: 203

Episode Link: https://legalmastermindpodcast.com/ep-203-jaclyn-foster-establishing-your-firms-hiring-experience/


  • Determining Your Firm’s Hiring Process

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