EP 232 – Kristaps “Chris” Brencans – Why Choose EOS?

Kristaps “Chris” Brencans started as a project manager at On The Map Marketing in 2015 and now runs the day-to-day operations as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

He has been pivotal in implementing the company’s entrepreneurial operating system (EOS), which has better aligned the teams, helped structure meetings, and created a culture of accountability by introducing core values. In his leadership, On The Map Marketing has become a notable law firm marketing agency serving 300+ active clients in their portfolio and has grown from $4M per year in 2020 to $6M in a couple of years.

Connect with Chris on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/kbrencans

Visit On The Map Marketing’s Website: www.onthemap.com

On This Episode, We Discuss…

  • On the Map’s Strategy Utilizing EOS
  • The Impact of Quarterly Rocks on Your Firm
  • Helping Clients Build Local Presence
  • Defining the Challenges of Attribution and Conversion

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